The Wiley World Handbook of Existential Therapy

In the aftermath of the first World Congress of Existential Theray in London 2015 several authors of the main existential approaches decided to make a handbook with an overview on the existential diversity worldwide:
• E. Craig for Daseinsanalysis
• E. van Deurzen for Existential-Phenomenological Therapy
• A. Längle for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis 
• K.J. Schneider for Existential-Humanistic and Existential-Integrative Therapy
• D. Tantam for existential group therapy
• S. du Plock for the other international developments

All approaches are presented here following the same pattern: 
1. History
2. Philosophy and Theory 
3. Methods and Praxis
4. Case description
5. Key textes
6. Challenges and new developments

This allowed for the first time to present these strands of the psychotherapy in a compact way and a common spirit what will certainly give the ExistentialPsychotherapy smore weight. Apart of the next world congresses, the 2nd happened in 2019 in Buenos Aires, 2023 it is planned in Athens and 2027 in Denver, Colorado.
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