How to find meaning and fulfillment in life? 

An existential analytical approach to a fulfilling existence

University of East London UEL, room (UH.2.02) Stratford campus 
February 27, 2020, 1-2 pm
We all want a fulfilling and happy life – real lasting happiness. But this can only come from true inner fulfillment. Of course, life has its difficulties, challenges, and tragedies, but there are certain skills we can learn to help us cope. What are these competencies that can help us feel anchored and in-touch with our values and direction in life? What will enable us to overcome life’s difficulties? How can anxiety and depression be managed so that we can reach a deep feeling of satisfaction?
This talk by Dr. Alfried Längle gives details about the existential analytical approach to finding meaning and inner fulfillment, which recognises that our existence is built on fundamental motivations, which enable a life with “inner consent”. Perspectives to the work in psychotherapy are given.
or: alfried.laengle@existenzanalyse.org