The existential motivations in psychology and psychotherapy

Principles and foundations for a fulfilling life 

Cambridge University
February 27, 2020, 7 pm
As a human being we are not just there in this world – we are always deciding and constructing our life and ourselves. By doing so we strive intuitively for a fulfilling and happy life. To attain this aim requires a specific precondition: the own commitment to one’s life. What are the competencies that we need so that we can feel anchored and in-touch with our values and ourselves? What can enable us to overcome life’s difficulties? How can anxiety and depression be managed so that we can reach a deep feeling of satisfaction?
This talk by Dr. Alfried Längle gives a summary of the existential analytical approach to an existentially based life which leads to meaning and inner fulfillment. This perspective is valid for both, psychologists and clients. Perspectives to the work in psychological practice and psychotherapy are given.